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Residential Recycling

Residential Recycling

Why are rates not listed online?

Rates are subject to change and are based on a variety of factors, including the location of your home or business. Please contact us for rate information. 

Do you offer replacement containers (garbage, recycling and/or FoodPlus! Yardwaste)?

If your SSC containers were lost or stolen or you need additional containers, you may order more. Fees may apply. Please contact us to place an order or order more.

Note:SSC supplied containers are the property of SSC. Please label them with your address. DO NOT take them with you if you move. Customers are responsible for any theft, loss, or damage in excess of normal use of SSC containers. SSC is not responsible for items left in, on, or near garbage Toters® or garbage cans.

My SSC container is damaged. Can it be repaired?

Please contact us or schedule a repair online.

How do I prevent windblown litter from my recycling bin or container?

 If possible, avoid putting recycling bins out on windy days and wait for your next pick-up. We will collect extra materials in bin or box no larger than SSC bins. If set out for collection, consider these suggestions:

Stacking bins – set singly on the ground. 

Tub-style bins – nest inside each other.

Recycling Toters® and Dumpsters – Close lids securely.

Cardboard – Flatten boxes, place on ground with a bin on top. 

Do you accept plastic film for recycling?

Yes, plastic film (bags, wrap, etc.) from homes and businesses is accepted at our Bellingham Drop Box Facility and Recycling Center

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