SSC garbage trucks

Preparing Your Garbage

Properly preparing your garbage helps us safely and efficiently collect and deliver material to solid waste facilities for transfer to the landfill. Please follow these guidelines to prepare your garbage.


Please bag and seal all garbage before placing in your container for collection. Garbage must fit in container with lid closed to avoid overfull charges. Additional garbage collection fees apply for overweight containers, as well as for garbage piled on top of, or beside, containers.

Reminder: HOT ashes are a fire hazard and should never be placed in a Toter® or plastic garbage can. Set in a metal can outside and away from buildings, structures, or anything that can ignite. Let cool completely. Place COLD ashes in a bag and dispose of with garbage.

SSC does not accept any kind of hazardous waste. Visit Whatcom County Disposal of Toxics (DoT) for more options.

Set containers out the night before or by 6:30AM on your collection day.

SSC garbage trucks

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