Recyclables waste

Preparing Your Recyclables

Properly preparing your recyclables helps us safely and efficiently collect and deliver the highest quality materials to recycling processors. Please follow these guidelines to prepare your recyclables.

Bottles, Cans, and Plastic Containers

Aluminum & Tin

What’s Accepted

Aluminum cans, tin cans, foil, and certain license plates.

Preparing aluminum and tin:

  • Rinse all cans and foil.
  • Remove paper labels from cans. Recycle with scrap paper.

Preparing license plates:

  • Remove or invalidate month and year stickers and bend plate.

Note: the following types of license plates cannot be recycled. Return to a vehicle licensing office:

  • Commercial vehicle plates (gross weight over 12,000 pounds)
  • Personalized plates
  • Baseball stadium plates
  • Horseless carriage plates
  • Amateur radio operator (HAM) plates
  • Medal of Honor, Pearl Harbor survivor, and Gold Star parent plates

Glass Bottles & Jars

What’s Accepted

Glass bottles and jars (all colors). Chipped or cracked glass OK.

No broken glass. Please bag or place inside an empty carton or box and discard in garbage.

Preparing glass bottles and jars:

  • Rinse all glass bottles and jars. Remove bottles from 6-pak holders and half case boxes. Recycle holders and boxes with scrap paper.
  • Remove caps, lids (OK in recycling), and corks (dispose as garbage).
  • Labels can be left on.

Plastic Containers

What’s Accepted

Plastic containers (all sizes, colors, and numbers) inc. lids, caps, and rings. Max bucket size: 3 gallons with metal handle removed.

Preparing plastic containers:

  • Rinse all plastic containers.
  • Remove caps, lids, rings (OK in recycling). Dispose of plastic pumps.
  • Flatten bottles and put cap back on.
  • Labels can be left on.

Scrap Paper & Newspaper

Reminder: Place paper (or top layer of papers) in a paper bag if possible. Lay bag on side in recycling bin to prevent windblown litter.

What’s Accepted

Newspaper and scrap paper inc. items like magazines, catalogs, mail, photos, paperboard boxes/cartons (ex. shoe boxes and cereal cartons), paperback books, and shredded paper. Place shredded paper in a paper bag and tape shut with masking tape.

Preparing scrap paper and newspaper:

  • Clean paper only.
  • Staples, paper clips, and file folder clips OK.

Set these items next to curbside recycling bins for collection.


What’s Accepted

Brown paper bags and corrugated cardboard, including pizza boxes.

Preparing cardboard:

  • Remove packing materials, including Styrofoam™ and plastic packing. Dispose of packing material. Flatten and bundle.
  • Clean pizza boxes only. Food-soiled and wax-coated (produce) boxes accepted in FoodPlus! Yardwaste.
  • Max. bundle size 24″x48″x6″ (curbside recycling customers).
  • Place bundle next to recycling bins. One bundle per pick-up (curbside recycling customers). If windy, bundle or tape to prevent blowing.

Scrap Metal & Aerosol Cans

What’s Accepted

Aerosol cans (non-hazardous) and scrap metal inc. steel, copper, aluminum, and brass.

Preparing aerosol cans and scrap metal:

  • Max length is 24” (inches) long. Max. 35 lbs. per pick-up (curbside recycling customers).
  • Aerosol cans must be completely empty. Leave cap on.
Recyclables waste

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