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Residential FoodPlus! Yardwaste

What We Collect

Organic waste collection is a cost-effective way to reduce waste, trim your garbage bill, and support our community. We collect food scraps, food-soiled papers, yard waste, and approved compostable packaging. 

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Serving Bellingham, Ferndale, and Whatcom County

FoodPlus! Yardwaste service is currently not available on Lummi Island.

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Collection Options

Enjoy every-other-week pick-up of your 60-gallon Toter, no matter how often your garbage is collected.

Have extra materials? We’ll collect them on your regular pick-up day (extra charges apply).

  • Loose debris: place in a paper bag or cardboard box beside your Toter
  • Bulky debris: cut to four feet long, tie in a bundle (max. weight 50 lbs.), and set beside your Toter

Collection Day Guide

Follow these guidelines to ensure the SSC truck can effectively reach your Toters.

Graphic of proper placement of your container at the curb

Toter Curb Placement

Place your container at the curb with the handle facing toward the house.

Graphic of proper distance between bins for pickup

Toter Distance

Keep at least three feet of clear space on all sides. Do not place your Toter near other garbage/recycling containers, trees, shrubs, utility poles, mailboxes, or vehicles.

Make sure all compostables fit in your container with the lid closed to avoid extra charges. Additional collection fees apply for overweight or overfull containers, as well as for compostables piled on top of or beside containers. Be sure to have your container in place the evening before your collection day to ensure you don’t miss the truck in the morning.

Extra FoodPlus! Yardwaste

Request an extra pick-up or bring additional materials to our Bellingham Drop Box Facility & Recycling Center.

Bellingham Drop Box Facility & Recycling Center

Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM
Closed 12PM – 1PM and major holidays.

Bellingham Station

Birch Bay Drop Box Facility & Recycling Center

Sundays, 9AM – 5PM
Closed major holidays.

Birch Bay Station

Cedarville Drop Box Facility & Recycling Center

Saturdays, 9AM – 5PM
Closed major holidays.

Cedarville Station

Composting Process

FoodPlus! Yardwaste is composted into rich soil amendment at Green Earth Technologies in Lynden, and sold at local businesses in Whatcom County.

Learn about Green Earth Technology
Compost with shovel

Waste Wise Guide

Use the disposal guide to find out what you can and can’t put in your containers.  Here are four common items people are often unsure about.

Waste Wise Portal

Paper Cartons

OK to put in FoodPlus! Yardwaste, including frozen food, deli, bakery, and take-out containers.

Food Scraps

OK to put in FoodPlus! Yardwaste, including meat, dairy, fish, and shellfish scraps.

Pet Waste

Do not put in FoodPlus! Yardwaste. Secure in a sealed bag and place in the garbage.

Aseptic Food Cartons

Do not put in FoodPlus! Yardwaste. Example: non-refrigerated, shelf-stable cartons for soy milk or broth.

FoodPlus! Yardwaste FAQs

Quickly find answers to commonly-asked FoodPlus! Yardwaste questions.

Why are rates not listed online?

Rates are subject to change and are based on a variety of factors, including the location of your home or business. Please contact us for rate information.

Do you offer replacement containers (garbage, recycling and/or FoodPlus! Yardwaste)?

If your SSC containers were lost or stolen or you need additional containers, you may order more. Fees may apply. Please contact us or fill out our online form to order more.

Note: SSC supplied containers are the property of SSC. Please label them with your address. DO NOT take them with you if you move. Customers are responsible for any theft, loss, or damage in excess of normal use of SSC containers. SSC is not responsible for items left in, on, or near garbage Toters® or garbage cans.

My SSC container is damaged. Can it be repaired?

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