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Ask SSC: Medicines (Household) - Unwanted or Unused



Medicines (Household) - Unwanted or Unused

Please do NOT flush, trash, or store unwanted, unused, or expired medications. If your household medicine(s) cannot be disposed of through a participating pharmacy or via one of the organizations listed below, then mix the medicine(s) with wet coffee grounds or wetted cat litter in a plastic bag. Tie the bag shut and discard in the garbage.

To safely dispose of unwanted or unused medicine(s) from your household, or for questions or more information about the disposal of household medicine(s) or residential biomedical waste(s), please refer to these resources and participating businesses that will accept unwanted or unused medicines:

Narcotic pain relievers and prescribed controlled substances, not including illegal narcotics, are accepted at the Bellingham Police Department during weekday business hours. For more info about drop off in Ferndale click here.

For medicine(s) in syringes, click here.


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